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What We Do


Seagreen Research offers a variety of services in the field of sustainable aquaculture and sustainable food systems.

Understanding Aquaculture Sustainability

Understanding the true environmental impacts of aquaculture at the farm-level and also cumulatively at the resource-level is complex, as is robustly quantifying them with regard to any practical definition of "sustainability". The scientific literature is voluminous, often polarized, and therefore challenging to interpret at a practical level. Many of Seagreen Research's projects dive into this challenge and assist clients with a wide variety of specific needs in this regard.

Comprehensive research, scientific writing, report compilation and review

With expertise in all of the key environmental aspects of aquaculture plus experience of a wide range of species, production systems and regions, we offer a broad range of scientific research and writing services relating to farmed seafood, and food systems in general.

Certification and standards development

We have in-depth knowledge of the complex dynamics of aquaculture certification and standards developments, and familiarity with 30+ well-known national, international and retailer standards. We are also involved with global initiatives such as the GSSI, and can apply this expertise to the development and improvement of any aquaculture standard or scheme.

Seafood Watch assessments

Peter Bridson is the former Aquaculture Manager at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program and the primary author of the Seafood Watch Aquaculture Standard, so Seagreen has particular expertise in applying the Seafood Watch standard to aquaculture operations, certification standards, individual farms, retailer purchasing standards and a variety of other purposes.

Strategy and development

With an ever-moving and ever-evolving target, deciding long terms plans with respect to aquaculture strategy and development for businesses, NGOs or funding organizations is complex. Our experience of academic, commercial and NGO research, and seafood markets around the world can help.

A multitude of others

If you think our expertise may be applicable to your organization please get in touch on our contact page and we can discuss.